Nau mai ki Te Wharekura o Maniapoto

Maniapoto Iwi, Te Pua o Maniapoto - Maniapoto taaonga tuku iho, Te Kawenata o Maniapoto 1903 – Te Mana Whatu Ahuru.

Te Wharekura o Maniapoto is an iwi focused kura.  We are affiliated to Ngaa kura-aa-iwi.   The principle curriculum and learning essential elements focus is ngaa taonga tuku iho o Ngaati Maniapoto me oona hapuu maha – the ancient treasures of Ngaati Maniapoto and other hapuu within Ngaati Maniapoto.

We endeavour to teach our piiori (students) ngaa honohononga aa-whenua, aa-whakapapa, aa-hiitori, aa-onamata.  Te Kawenata o Maniapoto is a historical document based on ngaa hiahia (aspirations) of our Maniapoto tupuna who gathered in 1903.

Te Pua o Maniapoto encompasses all aspects of Ngaati Maniapoto me oona hapuu.


Ngaati Kinohaku is the hapuu in which the kura resides.  The marae is Oparure.  The kura is fortunate to have a close relationship with the hau kaainga who have provided marvellous support for the iwi of Ngaati Maniapoto.

The land on which the school sits was generously donated by Te Mihinga Joseph of Ngaati Kinohaku for the purpose of building a school.

The school was established in 1906 as a Native school.  In the 1920’s the school became a mainstream school.  In 1991 the school became the first mainstream school to become a Kura Kaupapa Maaori.

To this day the local hau kaainga and descendants of Te Mihinga still reside and have a role at the kura.  We aim to engage more with mana whenua, and when monthly whaanau hui are held which provides opportunity for everyone to attend and share in decision making and consultation.  The board of trustees have a mandated mana whenua representative who is also a member of the board of trustees.